Friday Telefolio Plus

Capita Market magazine and Capitaline databases collect, standardize, analyze and disseminate financial, non-financial and stock market data covering the economy, sectors and companies in online and offline forms. The process generates various interesting ideas.

Capita Telefolio is an online media-cum-database service through which Capital Market every week makes available these ideas backed by relevant data and information provided by Capitaline databases.

Subscribe to Friday Telefolio Plus and get one interesting idea every Friday (after market closing). Subscribers to this service will be given login name and password, which will give them access to Friday Telefolio ideas on

Subscribers to Friday Telefolio Plus can also view detailed write-up on each of our ideas. The write-up discusses various interesting and relevant details about the company along with past financials and projections. See Sample write-ups

Besides the detailed write-up, also gives Telefolio Plus subcribers the following additional premium tools to track our ideas in various interesting and useful ways.

Watch interesting price movement as they happen also lists all the ideas of the past year with the price on the idea publishing date, current price (updated online with few minutes delay) and high/low. This helps you to track their prices on a continuous basis

Also track online top gainers and losers from past 52 Telefolio ideas. Set price levels as alerts and get emails on set price levels.

Do not miss any upcoming corporate actions

See all the upcoming Corporate actions (like board meetings, AGM dates, book closures, ex-bonus dates, ex-dividend, etc) of past 52 Telefolio ideas scheduled in the next 30 days and choose to buy/sell based on these triggers.

Do not miss any news

Get live news (including stock exchange announcements) of past 52 Telefolio ideas.

Get results as they are announced on stock exchanges publishes and presents results of past 52 Telefolio ideas as they are announced on stock exchanges. Also get brief Quarterly updates after each quarterly result to help you assess the financial progress of most of the past 52 Telefolio idea.

Analyse and keep updated

For each Telefolio idea the following data and information are available.

Profiles & Results




AM Report #

Balance Sheet

Co. Background

Co. Snapshot

Corporate Actions

Director's Report

Mgmt. Discussion


Profit & Loss

Quarterly Results (8 Quarters)

Quarterly Updates#

Share Holding Pattern

Share Price - Daily

# Available for select few companies

This will help you do a detailed analysis as well as keep yourself fully updated with operational, financial and stock price performance of past 52 Telefolio ideas.

Select IPOs

An IPO diary to keep you updated with scheduled IPOs as also our Rating on each large IPO.